Family and Practice History

Woolf Eye Lab is dedicated to keeping our patients’ eyes healthy and happy. Our vision is to show you a better world by helping you to see it more clearly.

The Woolf family has been actively involved in the eye care profession for three generations. We have more than 80 years of experience treating patients from Greater Baltimore to Annapolis. We’ve watched the industry evolve from hand-grinding lenses and fitting them like jewelry to computer-guided laser etching. In the 1940s, eye exams relied on a dark room and some basic eye chart tests. Today, our doctors use cutting-edge technical exam suites to take a comprehensive look at your eyes, nerves, muscles, soft tissue and skin to promote overall eye health and sight. 

Woolf Eye Lab proudly offers the most comprehensive diagnostic exam available in our region. Our technical suites and knowledgable doctors and staff operate the very best equipment to diagnose and treat even the most challenging eye problems.

Dr. Gerson Woolf
Dr. Gerson Woolf standing outside of our first practice in 1954.

Our Values and Mission

Above all else, we are a practice dedicated to patient care and service. Patients come to Woolf Eye Lab because they expect personal attention. We know our patients’ histories, their families, and all about their special needs.

Look Better, Feel Better, See Better

Community Service

Woolf Eye Lab is committed to providing exceptional care for our local community. We often participate in public health events throughout Greater Baltimore and Annapolis, and our doctors make time to speak about eye care, glaucoma management, dry eye treatment and disease prevention. In addition, our doctors often travel around the world, volunteering to provide direct care or to support healthy eye initiatives.

Dr. Howard Woolf at our former Downtown Baltimore office in 2018.