Woolf Eye Lab offers many different kinds of contact lens options depending on your specific needs. Some of our patients wear contacts as their main source of vision correction, while others use them for sports or special events. We have contact lenses that work like sunglasses and darken in bright light, bifocal contacts, medicated contacts to treat scratches and eye irritation, and contacts that change the color of your eyes.

We prefer single-use, 1-day contact lenses because they are healthier and safer for your eyes. Our doctors and technicians will present you with a wide range of options to help you make the best selection for your needs.

Contact Lens types

We also offer several exciting new contact lens options:

  • Lenses that darken in the sun and lighten when you go inside.
  • Multifocal lenses allow you to read and correct your distance vision at the same time.
  • Theatrical lenses for local film and TV shoots. (Or for the wildest Halloween ever.
  • Bandage contact lenses that will heal a scratch or cut to your eye 3x faster.