Woolf Eye Lab is excited to announce the opening of our Dry Eye Spa!

We are now offering OptiLight IPL (intense pulse light) treatments by Lumenis.
OptiLight is the 1st FDA approved treatment for dry eye therapy and paired with our
Tear Care lid hygiene treatment as well as Alumier MD skin care, we will get you looking, feeling, and seeing your best!

Dry Eye Syndrome

Have your eyes ever felt dry, itchy, scratchy, or a foreign body sensation? Then you likely have a condition called Dry Eye Syndrome. It can cause redness, burning, or, believe it or not, excessive watery eyes. This problem is more complicated than it seems with the symptoms coming from an issue with the oily, water, or mucus layer of the tears of the eye or sometimes all three. This is why Dry Eye Syndrome needs to be fully evaluated and also explains why a cure for one person such as artificial tears will have little comfort for another person who has a problem in another layer of the tear film.

Certain medications, climate, aging, menopause, and also geographic surroundings can cause an onset of Dry Eye Syndrome. Long-term contact lens care can also contribute, which is why we work very closely with our patients to ensure that they’re using lenses the correct way.

Do you have Dry Eye Syndrome?

A short visit to our office will determine whether you have Dry Eye Syndrome or are at risk. We use scans of the eyelids to evaluate the effectiveness of your tear layer and even image the glands that produce some of the tear layer to make sure they’re healthy.

Treatment of Dry Eye Syndrome

Depending on the cause and severity, our doctors may make a variety of recommendations. We may prescribe eye drops, suggest wearing glasses instead of contacts, suggest making environmental changes at work or at home, or we may recommend inserting punctual plugs, which are permanent silicone plugs that are inserted painlessly and help your eyes retain your natural tears.We are thrilled to announce our OptiLight by Lumenis which treats dry eyes at their root causes. Lumenis’ patented Optimal Pulse Technology allows for precise, intense broad spectrum light to address and reduce inflammation, a major cause of Dry Eye Disease.If you’re suffering from any of these symptoms, please contact our office to schedule a consult