COVID-19 March 20, 2020 Update from Woolf & Woolf

To Our Woolf & Woolf Community,

In this rapidly escalating environment of COVID-19, or the novel coronavirus, clear communication is essential. With that in mind, we wanted to update you on the details of our plan for potentially closing our Woolf & Woolf office during this outbreak. As of right now, we are continuing to stay open. If you have an eye-related emergency, please do not go to the emergency room (ER), which needs to stay clear and available for patients with COVID-19 symptoms. If you have an eye-related emergency and it is after hours, call our office and listen to the directions on our voice message.

Rest assured, our patients’ and practitioners’ health and wellbeing are of the utmost importance to us as we walk this fine line between staying open to address the needs of our patients, yet not contributing to the spread of the coronavirus.

Two days ago, the White House announced guidelines asking to public to not congregate in groups of more than 10. As we remain open, we will not allow more than 10 people at Woolf & Woolf at a time, and as patients come in, they will be ushered into a treatment room as soon as possible. Although our waiting room is very small, we will make every effort not to have more than one or two people there at a time, and will ensure that there is more than six feet of distance between each person.

We will continue to clean every surface with antiviral, antimicrobial, and antibacterial medical-grade disinfectant after a patient leaves a treatment room, multiple times an hour. Our front desk staff is disinfecting door handles, light switches, and the countertop where patients sign in. Our Doctors are following national guidelines for hand sanitization protocols, which include washing hands thoroughly in between patients and using hand sanitizer before leaving the treatment room and touching the door handle.

We have communicated with our Doctors and staff that if any of them comes down with symptoms of the coronavirus, to inform us immediately and to contact their primary care physician. Any Doctor exhibiting symptoms of the coronavirus may not come back to work until 14 days after the emergence of their first symptoms. We are advising the same for our patients. We are aware of the lack of availability for testing. We are closely monitoring government guidelines along with the health and wellbeing of our center and community. We are prepared to close Woolf & Woolf for a minimum of 14 days to prevent further spread of the virus. 

In order to comply with the Federal and State request of 10 person maximum, we are asking all patients to call ahead and schedule eye glass and contact lens pick-ups as well as any repairs.  For those patients who wear contacts and are unable to keep their eye appointment, Woolf & Woolf will extend your yearly contact lens prescription for six months past the expiration date. Should you need contacts to hold you over until your next eye examination, we can order up to a six month supply using your prior eye exam. We will also be shortening our hours to minimize risk to patients and staff. Please refer to our website, as things are constantly changing.

We ask again, please cancel your appointment if you have an underlying immunodeficiency, are exhibiting symptoms, or have been exposed to someone within the last 14 days who has the virus.

We all will get through this together, and we thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

With great thanks,

Dr. Brian Woolf

Woolf & Woolf Optometrists are dedicated to keeping our patients’ eyes healthy and happy. Our vision is to show you a better world by helping you to see it more clearly.

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